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The Beginner's Guide to Sales in Real Estate

Before you begin with any kind of sales job, the first thing you need to focus on is on your own goals. You must address following key questions:

1. Why have I chosen real estate?
2. What is my main goal?
3. What do I want in life?
4. How can I have my wants and needs fulfilled in life?

Once you have addressed all of the aforementioned questions, you can proceed with tunnel focus on your sales training. Start researching real estate and its market. You can start with basics like:

1. What is real estate?
2. What properties come under real estate?

You can then move to advance questions like:

1. What properties are hot (in demand) in your area?
2. What properties are popular and expensive in the capital cities?
3. Which city has the expensive property?

After completing your thorough research, you can shift all of your focus on finding a sales trainer.

Finding an experienced sales trainer is crucial because a sales trainer possesses more experience, training and communication expertise. He/she can teach and guide you better than if you yourself learn it from books or internet. Also, do make sure that whichever sale trainer, you get training from, must have relevant 5 to 10 years of experience, expertise and proper training that you seek. Never get training from sales trainers who have lesser experience than 5 years. The sales trainer who have lesser experience are earning money from trainings not from the sales itself.

Once your sales training starts, be attentive to your trainer and note down key points in bullets. After each training session, tally and research everything your trainer will teach you. Once your research is done, you can properly start working on the product that you decided to sell whether it could be a plot, apartment or any of the commercial properties.

When you start working on the product, you must research it and people behind it first. Like:

1. What is its area?
2. How many storeys or floors it has?
3. What is its exact location?
4. Does it have any landmark nearby?
5. What are the amenities the product is providing?
6. When will be the project be completed?
7. Figure out USPs - unique selling points.
8. How credible are the group behind it?
9. How many projects have they delivered before in the market?
10. How many projects have they delivered on committed time?

Afterwards, you need to research the competitors of the product you are selling. Ask and address following questions:

1. Who are the competitors?
2. How are they selling their projects/products?
3. What have they done in the last 3 to 5 years?
4. What are they offering?
5. What are their USPs?
6. What profits are they committing in the market?

Once, you finish researching the competitors, you should focus on area dynamics. Meaning, you should have proper knowledge about the location of the project and surrounding areas of the product. List down its positive and negative points in last 5 to 10 years and how much area society has.

Once, all of the aforementioned things are done then you can proceed to selling phase

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